101 Seminars

The History 101 seminar is designed to guide you through the capstone experience of your undergraduate history education: the researching and writing of your senior thesis. Successful completion of this challenging, but rewarding, endeavor requires you to do the work of a historian. Ultimately, this translates to producing a piece of scholarship – in this case a 30-50 page final paper – in which you articulate and defend a historical interpretation/argument rooted in extensive primary source research and informed by thorough secondary source reading.

Special enrollment procedures for priority enrollment are available for History 101 Seminars.  Fall 2014 101 course titles and descriptions will be posted by June 30th and the priority enrollment application will be posted here and open between June 30th and July 14th. 

Enrollment Procedures

Beginning June 30h there will be a full set of course descriptions and an online course application form linked at the top of this page that will allow you to request enrollment into the 101 seminars.  You will be asked to rank you top three seminar choices.  All submissions must be received by July 14th at 5pm in order to be considered for the first round of 101 seminar assignments.  Finalized class assignments and corresponding course control numbers will be emailed the week of July 15th.  AFTER YOU ARE ACCEPTED INTO A SECTION, YOU MUST ENROLL IN THE COURSE ON TELEBEARS.   

Note that ONLY ONE ONLINE APPLICATION FORM WILL BE ACCEPED PER PERSON via the online application system. If you submit multiple entries, only the first submission will be considered. You should receive an e-mail confirmation of your online submission.  However, if you do not receive an email confirmation of your submission, send a message to history@berkeley.edu. Your request is only considered complete once you receive an email confirming all the data you have submitted.

Section assignments are NOT first-come, first-served, so there is no need to submit your preferences during the first days the form is available if you are still waiting for information to be posted to the website. So long as you submit by July 14th, your application will receive full consideration.  All are encouraged to submit application forms, but priority is given to History majors.

Sign-Up Procedure After Priority Enrollments Have Taken Place:

Although initial sign ups for these courses take place in July, spaces are available in many of the sections after the first round of seminar assignments. You may add them directly through Telebears begining the week of the 15th.  Particularly for full sections, make certain that Particularly for full sections, make certain that you attend the 1st class meeting as students who come to class will have priority on the waitlist.      

These courses are limited to 15 students per section.