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Berkeley Connect Fellowship Application

Due Date: March 16, 2015, 8am

The Berkeley Connect in History program would like to announce four (4) fellowship positions for the 2015-2016 academic year. BCH fellows will become an integral part of a major campus initiative focused on undergraduate mentorship and more generally, on enrichment of the undergraduate experience in the various disciplines. In History, mentors will convene small groups of undergraduates, help to orient them in the major, model key skills in the study of history, including individual conversation with graduate students and faculty, expose them to campus resources for the study of history (e.g. libraries & museums), and foster collegiality in our intellectual community more generally. Responsibilities will include: 
• mentorship of 2 Berkeley Connect in History groups of 20 students each. 
• convening 8-9 small group meetings/semester
• organization and coordination of large group meetings, field trips, and study breaks (including evening events)
• regular office hours
• working with the faculty director to recruit Berkeley Connect participants, develop curriculum, and coordinate efforts among the fellows
Terms: Each fellowship has a $22,000 annual stipend, plus instate tuition. 
Eligibility: The fellowship will be open to writing-stage History Ph.D. students with a proven record of excellence in undergraduate teaching. We will also consider applications from recent History Department Ph. D.s, up to two years after degree. 
Application Materials:
CV, including courses taught
250-500 word cover letter explaining why you are interested in serving as a Berkeley Connect mentor and what experiences you have that will help you to be an effective mentor to the undergraduates in our department. This can include prior mentoring experience at UC Berkeley or elsewhere, or any other relevant experience that you think will enhance the study of our undergraduates.  
Please note, that BConnect Fellows are limited to a single 25% appointment during the tenure of the fellowship.  BConnect Fellows that subsequently receive other fellowships are required to report them to Mabel and the BConnect fellowship may be modified or withdrawn as appropriate. 
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