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GSI and Reader Application 2017-2018 for History Graduate Students Only

Due Date: March 3, 2017 (noon)

All applicants should fill out the form completely.  Note that all fields marked by a red asterisk (*) are mandatory and you will not be able to submit the form without filling in the requested data.  Note: this application is only for History Graduate Students.  Course offerings will likely change.  Courses with an asterik are in flux and could either require GSIs or Readers depending on departmental curriculum needs.

History Graduate Students who have a department obligation in 2017-2018 from their funding package are required to submit an application to receive their funding and will be notified of their appointments by the end of April.  For all others, appointment letters will be emailed on a rolling basis as positions become available up through the start of the semester in question.  Readerships for non-obligated students will not be assigned until enrollment numbers for a course justifies an appointment  Courses with enrollments of 30-34 do not qualify Readers for partial fee remissions unless they hold a concurrent GSI or GSR appointment, or a second Reader appointment.  In such cases, the cost of the partial fee remission is shared proportionately by the hiring departments or in the case of GSRships, the faculty member's research grant.  You are responsible for notifying the other hiring department of your employment situation.  If you receive a Reader or GSI appointment you will be contacted by Campus Shared Servies, who will notify you of when and where to complete payroll paperwork.  Note that the University restricts students to a 50% time appointment each semester (unless a fellowship award further restricts employment eligibility).  Any combination of appointments that brings the percent time above 50% time for the semester requires approval of the Head Graduate Advisor in advance of the start date of the appointments. In general, international students are restricted to a maximum of 50% time per semester.

Please read the History Department Readership Policies,  and the Graduate Division booklet "What you need to know about being a GSI, GSR, Reader or Tutor"  for further information.  Readers can be expected to read for up to 65 students.  Additional pay is given for each student over 35. To see our list of expected positions go to: If you have any questions about the application please contact Todd Kuebler (