GSI and Reader Application for Non History Students 2017-2018

Priority Due Date: March 3, 2017 (noon)

All applicants should fill out the form completely.  Note that all fields marked by a red asterisk (*) are mandatory and you will not be able to submit the form without filling in the requested data.  

Readership appointments will be made and appointment letters will be emailed on a rolling basis as positions are available.  In most cases Readership notification will not happen until until closer to the start of the semester (late July or August for fall appts.; late December or January for spring appts.), after enrollments have peaked.  Note that most positions will be filled by students in the History department.   Be aware that for readerships, courses with enrollments of 30-34 do not qualify students for partial fee remissions unless they hold a concurrent GSI or GSR appointment, or a second reader appointment.  In such cases, the cost of the partial fee remission is shared proportionately by the hiring departments or in the case of most GSRships, the faculty member's research grant.  You are responsible for notifying the other department of your appointments.  GSI appointments will be made in mid-April for the following fall and spring semesters.  Students who do not receive a GSI offer by mid-April will be placed in a pool for further consideration if there is a need for additional GSIs.  The need for additional GSIs will not be known until closer to the start of each term.   If you receive a Reader or GSI appointment you will be contacted by Campus Shared Servies, who will notify you of when and where to complete payroll paperwork.   Any combination of appointments that exceed 50% time for the semester violates University policy unless you receive approval from your department's Head Graduate Advisor.  International students cannot exceed working more than 50% time.

Course offerings will likely change.  Courses with an asterik are in flux and could either require GSIs or Readers depending on departmental curriculum needs.

Please read the History Department Readership Policies,  and the Graduate Division booklet "What you need to know about being a GSI, GSR, Reader or Tutor"  for further information.  Readers can be expected to read for up to 65 students.  Additional pay is given for each student over 35.   If you have any questions about the application please contact Todd Kuebler (




Please note the file must be saved as a PDF and there is a max upload size of 2MB. IMPORTANT: after you browse for the file, *DO NOT* actually click "upload," as counter-intuitive as that may seem (it will produce an error message when you try to submit the application).
Please note the file must be saved as a PDF and there is a max upload size of 2MB. IMPORTANT: after you browse for the file, *DO NOT* actually click "upload," as counter-intuitive as that may seem (it will produce an error message when you try to submit the application).
Academic Record
Per Graduate Division policy, students with more than 2 unfinished incompletes and/or a GPA below 3.1 are not eligible for a GSI or Reader appointment. If you have more than two unfinished incompletes on your record, please indicate your timeline for removing the excess incompletes. Incompletes in excess of 2 must be removed BEFORE payroll paperwork will be processed. In addition, international students who must demonstrate English language proficiency should register to take the Versant test at in spring 2016.
International students who do not speak English as a native language need to demonstrate English language proficiency. The Language Proficiency Questionnaire offered by the GSI Teaching & Resource Center will determine if you have already satisfied the language proficiency requirement or need to take the Versant test.
List all non-UC Berkeley college level teaching (not readerships). Enter "none" if you don't have any experience. The salary level of your appointment is determined as follows: GSI step 1 is up to 3 semesters of prior experience, step 2 requires 4 semesters of prior experience, and step 3 requires 6 semesters of prior experience. 3 quarters equals 2 semesters. There is a limit of 8 semesters of teaching at any of the UC campuses. Students at the 8 semester limit must receive approval from the Dean of the Graduate Division for any further appointments. The upper limit is 12 semesters.
Do not include Summer teaching in this count, but do list it above.
Please list all history courses that you have taken and any additional coursework that you feel qualifies you for the position.
Other Employment on Campus and/or Fellowship :
Please note that GSIships are normally at 50% time, and Readerships at 25%. Students wishing to work more than 50% time must request an exception from the Head Graduate Advisor in their home department. Please note that if a student holds more than one appointment, fees may be split between appointments per campus policy.
Course Preferences
Enrollment numbers may require the department to make re-assignments after an initial offer of an appointment is made. This applies to both GSIships and Readerships. List your Course Preference and Term for GSIship or Readership (although the appointing cmte. will take into account your preferences). You may review the options and nature of the appointments at
Summer 2017 Preferences
Dates for each of the summer sessions is as follows: Session A: May 22 - June 30, 2017 Session C: June 19 - August 11, 2017 Session D: July 3 - August 11, 2017
Summer GSIships
Summer Readerships
Fall 2017 Preferences
Fall GSIships
Fall Readerships
Spring 2018 Prefrences
Spring GSIships
Spring Readerships
Once you have completed the form, please review it for accuracy and then click the "Submit Application" button below. If you wish to withdraw or amend your application after you have submitted please contact Todd Kuebler at