History 125A
TUTH 11:00-12:30 160 Dwinelle
Waldo E. Martin, Jr.

2308 Dwinelle (642-2559) Office Hours: TuTh 12:30-2

Students must attend lectures and do the assigned reading. Lectures will be followed at regular intervals by discussions. Note: active participation in the discussions can only enhance your final grade. There will be two essay exams: a midterm (30% of the course grade) and a comprehensive final (40%). There will be one paper: a research essay (10 pp.; 30%) on a topic to be selected in consultation with either the reader or me. The reader for the course is to be announced. Please note that failing to complete any one (or more) of the three required writing assignments will result in a failing grade for the course. Make-up exams and late papers will adversely affect your grade and are to be avoided at all costs. Incompletes are unacceptable. Finally, visit me during my office hours. Remember: this time is for your concerns and questions.

Fall 2004