Peer Advising in the History Department



Our 2017-2018 Department of History Peer Advisors are Bryce, Camryn, Hien, Jeffrey, Lauren, and Ross. You can find them in 3223 Dwinelle Hall, right across from Leah's office, or on the bench outside 3228. They can also be reached via email at


Tuesday 2–4 p.m. Hallway Jeffrey
Wednesday 12–2 p.m. 3223 Dwinelle Hien
  2–4 p.m. Hallway Ross
Thursday 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. 3223 Dwinelle Bryce
  12–2 p.m. 3223 Dwinelle Lauren




Hi everyone! I'm Bryce, a third year History Major and Education Minor hoping to one day be a teacher! My historical interests include topics within the United States as well as abstract concepts like the frontier and transnationalism. In my free time, I enjoy hiking up in Berkeley's beautiful hills or mentoring students at LeConte Elementary. I'm excited to get to know the new faces in the History Department and to help out in any way that I can, so feel free to come to my office hours to chat. I would love to meet you!

Field of Concentration: United States

Current History Courses:

History 130: American Foreign Policy - Professor Sargent
History 137AC: The Repeopling of America - Professor Henkin

History Courses Completed:

History 7A: The United States from Settlement to Civil War - Professor DeLay
History 7B: The United States from Civil War to Present - Professor Einhorn
History 5: European Civilization from the Renaissance to the Present - Professor Sahlins
History 24 (Freshman Seminar): Museums - Professor Laqueur
History 8A: Becoming Latin America, 1492 to 1824 - Professor Chowning
History C139C: Civil Rights and Social Movements in U.S. History - Professor Martin
History 106B: The Roman Empire - Professor Noreña
History 103U: Frontier History - Professor Tackett
History 128AC: California, the West, and the World - Professor Brilliant
History 103D: Latinx Experiences in the United States - Professor Elmore
History 98BC: Lower Division Berkeley Connect
History 198BC: Upper Division Berkeley Connect





Hi y’all! My name is Hien Nguyen and I’m a fourth year History Major and Japanese and Latin Studies Double Minors. My concentration is Ancient Greece and Rome, but I am also very interested comparative history between Han China and Rome. I love learning new languages. At Cal, besides school, I am also involved in cultural clubs and high school mentorship programs on campus. A little bit about myself: I like cooking, drinking coffee/boba (or bubble tea), surfing through YouTube, and binge-watching Japanese and Chinese drama. Feel free to come by if you have any questions or if you just want to have a chat with a fellow history student.

Field of Concentration: Ancient Greece & Rome

History Courses Completed:

History 4A: Origins of Western Civilization: The Ancient Mediterranean World (Mackil)
History 4B: Origins of Western Civilization: Medieval Europe (Geoffrey Koziol)
History 14: Introduction to the History of Japan (currently taking) – Andrew Barshay
History 105A: Ancient Greece: Archaic and Classical Greece (Randall Souza)
History 105B: Ancient Greece: The Greek World: 403-31 BCE (Emily Mackil)
History 106A: Ancient Rome: The Roman Republic (Carlos Noreña)
History 106B: Ancient Rome: The Roman Empire (Carlos Noreña)
History 124B: The United States from World War II Era to the Vietnam War (Selvidge)
History 103U: Law and Comparative Empire (Jesse Watson)
History C187: The History and Practice of Human Rights (Stefan-Ludwig Hoffmann)




Hello! I'm a senior, transfer student in the History department. I transferred in Fall, 2016, from Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz, CA. I like social and cultural history, as well as sociology. I'm interested in history of all kinds, but have mostly focused on Modern Europe, and dabbled in Native Californian and Japanese history. Outside of history, I'm interested in food and flavors, art, music, riding bicycles, and playing frisbee. Please stop by if you have any questions about the major, life at Cal, where to get free food of good coffee on campus, would like recommendations on where to study, which classes to take first, how to get through all your reading, or just feel like chatting!

Field of Concentration: Modern Europe

History Courses Completed:

103B: The Historical Novel and Modern European History (Jason Morton)
103B: History of Economic Crisis 1720-2008 (Trevor Jackson)
151A: Tudor Stuart Britain 1485-1660 (Ethan Shagan)
171C: Russia and the Soviet Union 1917- to the Present (Yuri Slezkine)
100U: Comparative History of World War II (Andrew Barshay and John Connelly)
167C: Modern Germany 1914 to the Present (Elizabeth Wenger)




Hi everyone! I'm a fourth year focusing on 19th century American history. I'm especially interested in the interactions between women and Native Americans on the overland trails during Western Expansion. I work as a writing peer tutor at the Student Learning Center, and I spent the last year as a research assistant through URAP working for Professor Jones-Rogers. Outside of school, I enjoy hiking, sleeping late, baking cupcakes, and visiting cool historical places. I'm really looking forward to meeting you all, so please stop by!

Field of Concentration: United States

History Courses Completed:

History 2: Comparative World History (Noreña, Nylan)
History 4B: Origins of Western Civilization: Medieval Europe (Koziol)
History 6B: Introduction to Chinese History from the Mongols to Mao (Cook)
History 7B: The United States from Civil War to Present (Einhorn)
History 100AC: The History of Women in the United States before 1900 (Jones-Rogers)
History 100D: A Cultural History of Broadway (Henkin)
History 103D: Slavery and Servitude in the United States (Jones-Rogers)
History 103D: Contesting the American Past (O'Leary)
History 103S: Gender and Sexuality in Science (Eder)
History 106A: The Roman Republic (Noreña)
History 122AC: Antebellum America: The Advent of Mass Society (Henkin)
History 123: Civil War and Reconstruction (Gold McBride)
History 128AC: California, the West, and the World (Brilliant)
History 134A: The Age of the City, 1825-1933 (Milner)
History 199: Supervised Independent Study and Research (Henkin)




Hi, my name is Ross O’Shea. I am a 4th year History Major and Geographic Information Systems Minor originally from Malibu, California. My field of concentration is Chinese Globalization, and my favorite book is the Analects of Confucius. In my free time I am a filmmaker and I enjoy making short films. I am an avid fly-fisherman, and I am a private pilot and deeply love flying. I am planning to pursue a career in Law after I graduate this spring, and hope to find myself eventually working for a law firm in China. I frequently make bad jokes, I’m not afraid to ride shotgun in an Uber, I believe the CIA killed Kennedy, and I put hot sauce on everything I eat.

Filed of Concentration: Chinese Globalization

History Courses Completed:

History 4A: The Ancient Mediterranean World (Mackil)
History 6B: Introduction to Chinese History from the Mongols to Mao (Cook)
History 7A: The United States from Settlement to Civil War (Peterson)
History 116G: Imperial China and the World (Tackett)
History 186: International and Global History since 1945 (Sargent)
History C182: Science, Technology, and Society (Mazzotti)
History 103U: Introduction to Military History (Cook)
History 160: The International Economy of the 20th Century (Milivojevic)
History 130: American Foreign Policy (Sargent)
History 124A: The United States from the Late 19th Century to the Eve of World War II (Viator)