Ph.D. Business Cards

History graduate students can place orders for official campus business cards through the UC Storefront 
To make the process clear, here are some instructions.
Go to
Select UC Berkeley as the UC affiliation and UC Berkeley Students as the identity and select Enter.
Select Order Business Cards.
Review the printing rates to make a decision about how much you want to order, then select Order Business Cards.
Enter your contact information and "supervisor" information using the following screen shot as a reference for what is needed.  Your supervisor must be listed as Todd Kuebler ( since he is the person in the administrative role of verifying student status and confirming that the layout meets the department guidelines.
Inline image 3
Enter the data for the business card.  Refer to the following screen shot for placement of content.  Select update preview so that you can preview what your business card will look like.
Inline image 5
This is the department approved layout, so your business card should look like this:
Inline image 1
Once you submit the order, it is forwarded to UCSF print services staff, who forwards it to the department "supervisor" listed on your order.  You will receive a communication from UCSF print staff when the order is ready to go into production asking for your payment details.