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Summer Grant Application

Due Date: March 13, 2017

The Summer Grant program provides funding for summer research.  Students must be graduate students in the History program to apply.  These grants are funded both through Graduate Division and through the History Department directly.
The application must include:
1) a project proposal that focuses on the relevance of this plan to your progress towards your degree, and whether or not you plan to register for classes at Berkeley over the summer.
2) a short budget
3) a list of external summer funding you have received since your admission to Berkeley.
Students who have already received two summers from any combination of Graduate Division's Summer Grant and History department grants are not eligible to apply.  Students who have a University Multi-Yr. Fellowship with a minimum of 2 guaranteed summer stipends are also not eligible to apply.  Students may not simultaneously hold a summer GSIship and accept a Summer Grant.    Students may not receive more than $34,000 during the 12 month academic year starting with Fall 2016 (including the summer grant).  Students admitted in fall 2016 do not complete this application.
The department must be notified immediately of any potential changes of eligibility, including the offer of any other summer awards, withdrawal, change of major, etc. 
All students receiving a Graduate Division funded Summer Research Grant must enroll in 3 units of academic credit, and these fees will be covered by the grant.  Students funded through the department should not enroll in units, nor will their fees be paid if they do. 
Priority is given to students engaging in predissertation research, pre-orals language study, and archival research critical to the completion of the dissertation.  Students with multi-year fellowships that include summer funding are not eligible, except in extraordinary circumstances.