U.S. Cultural History: Domestic and Global Contexts

History R1B

Fall 2015
45 Evans
Day & Time: 
TTh 11-12:30
  • This course satisfies the second half of the Reading and Composition Requirement.
  • This course will explore the range of "culture concepts" from artistic expression and consumer consumption, to beliefs and rituals in United States history. Questions involving "Whose culture?" and issues surrounding transnational or global circulation of culture, "Globalization or Americanization?" will also be topics in our discussions and readings. The goal of this course is to learn how to think historically. Thinking historically is a particular type of critical thinking, and it should inform your reading and writing, ultimately helping you to both formulate a thesis (argument) and back up your thesis with evidence derived from primary and secondary sources. Because this is a class on cultural history, learning how to "read" and analyze cultural primary sources such as music, film, commercials, photographs, etc. will be a component of this class.

    Course Books

    The Cultural Turn in U. S. History: Past, Present, and Future by Cook, James W University of Chicago. ISBN: 978-0226115061 Required