Ancient Sicily: A Mediterranean Crossroads


Spring 2017
141 Haas Pavilion
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MWF 12-1
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  • This course satisfies the Pre-Modern Requirement for the History Major.
  • Sicily sits in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, and its history is shaped by its position at the intersection of several cultural worlds. This course will explore the causes and consequences of human mobility in ancient Sicily from its first human inhabitants to Greek and Phoenician colonization to the Roman empire and beyond. Over centuries, willing and unwilling migrations shaped the social landscape of Sicily though a complex history of settlement, violence, and movement. There is a rich and manifold body of material that illuminates Sicilian history, so students will spend significant time and effort on the interpretation of literary sources, but they will also utilize material and documentary evidence. Students will learn not only the demographic history of a major Mediterranean island, but also the major questions being asked about ancient Sicily, and how those and other questions can be answered through critical analysis of written and archaeological records.