Political and Cultural History of Vietnam

History 111C

Fall 2017
222 Wheeler
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TuTh 11-12:30
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This course provides an introduction to Vietnamese history from the mythic and archeological origins of the Vietnamese people to the end of the Vietnam War.  Special emphasis will be placed on “modern” developments from the 18th century.  Topics include early Sino-Vietnamese relations, the rise and fall of the Ly, Tran, Ho and Le dynasties, the status of women in Vietnamese society, the Nguyen/Trinh wars and the origins of southern Vietnam, the Tay Son Rebellion, the encounter between the Nguyen Dynasty and French imperialism, the consolidation of the French colonial state, economic change and colonial capitalism, anti-colonialism and the rise of political radicalism and nationalism, the development of Vietnamese communism, World War II and Japanese occupation, the August Revolution, the first Indochina War, the battle of Dien Bien Phu and the Geneva Accords, the development of separate states in North and South Vietnam and the American intervention and the Second Indochina War.