Modern South Africa, 1652-Present

History 112B

Fall 2017
182 Dwinelle
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TuTh 2-3:30
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This course will examine over three centuries of South African history that account for the origin and development of the recently dismantled apartheid regime. Our aim is to understand the major historical forces that progressively shaped what became a turbulent racial, economic, political and socio-cultural frontier. We will look at the nature of indigenous African societies in South Africa on the eve of European arrival; initial European settlements and the origins of competition for resources; expansionist trends among Dutch settlers and the responses of African societies will be explored. Other themes will include mfecane, difacane and the aftermath; the role of the frontier in shaping race relations; the entry of Britain as a colonizing power in South Africa; the creation of Afrikaner republics; competing African/Boer/British nationalisms; corporate mining and its impact on race relations and labor migration; the Anglo-Boer war and the creation of the Union of South Africa The course will also examine the creation of the apartheid apparatus, and the rise of increased political mobilization among black, white, colored and Indian populations. An examination of the dismantling of apartheid and the deliberations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission will provide an apt conclusion to the course. There will be: One midterm examination, a final examination and a map quiz.