HIST 114A: Politics, Culture, and Philosophy in India before Modernity

History 114A

Fall 2017
Wheeler 20
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TR 12:30-2pm
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In this course we will develop a panoramic view of the long sweep of the history of the Indian subcontinent until the sometime in the middle of the eighteenth century. We will proceed chronologically, beginning from the earliest traces of human civilization to the development of, and debates between, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism; the coming of Islamic rule; the founding of the Mughal empire; and the arrival of the East India Companies on its shores.
We will supplement our understanding of the political history of the subcontinent’s many empires with close attention to the literary and aesthetic artifacts that reveal the richness and diversity of their cultures over the centuries. Students will be encouraged to construct their own narrative of the subcontinent’s history through regular engagement with, and response to, textual and visual primary sources.