Study Abroad in Poland, Germany, and the Czech Republic — The Contours of Coexistence: “Otherness” and Belonging in Modern Europe

History N174

Summer 2017
Sarah Cramsey
Day & Time: 
May 23 – June 24
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Travel across multiple countries and explore the limits of coexistence in both the "old" and "new" Europe.

  • Study theories of co-existence in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Germany
  • Analyze the usage of voices, museums, food, music, histories, protests, organizations and government initiatives to better understand how ideas of "Europe" and "Europeaness" changed over the past 100 years and continue to change

The program focuses on both historical and contemporary minorities: the Jews of Europe and most specifically Poland; the Roma of Northern Bohemia; the Vietnamese in Prague, the Turkish in Germany and recent refugees across European Union member states.

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