Sports and Gender in U.S. History

History 100AC

Fall 2018
Bonnie Morris
105 North Gate
Day & Time: 
Tue/Thu 12:30–2pm
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  • This course satisfies the American Cultures Requirement.
  • This course welcomes all students to examine the social and cultural history of men's and women's roles in American sports. From indigenous games through the long history of racially segregated facilities to increasing opportunities for women after Title IX law, we see athletes pressured to model ideology and politics through their very bodies. How have government, media, medical authorities and corporate interests framed winners and losers, masculinity and femininity? Readings, films, guest speakers and discussion will emphasize the history of children's games, coaches, homophobia, fan behaviors, Olympic scandal and wartime teams (such as the AAGBL and the Little League ball played by interned Japanese Americans.). We'll consider the race, class and gender aspects of strength, recreation,body size, mascots, sportswear, toys and sports foods. The course requires one short paper, one midterm essay exam and one longer paper. All cultural perspectives are welcome.

    Bonnie Morris earned her Ph.D. in women's history from Binghamton University and has taught Sports and Gender for over 20 years at campuses ranging from Georgetown to Semester at Sea. The author of 16 books, she is also a consultant to the Smithsonian and Disney Animation, and an archivist of feminist music.