The History of the (Two) Netherlands: Barriers and Borders

History 170

Spring 2018
104 Dwinelle
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TuTh 11-12:30
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This course offers a survey of the main historical developments in the (two) Netherlands from the middle ages to the present day. Its main focus will be on the early modern era, traditionally considered as the ‘Golden Age’ of the emerging Dutch Republic and the ‘Dark Age’ for the remaining Spanish Habsburg Netherlands. Even so, Rembrandt and Rubens thrived in equally fascinating global empires.

The course will focus on several questions of historical interpretation, such as the meaning of the Dutch Revolt, the impact of religion and economy and the making of the Dutch and Spanish world empires. It particularly investigates the questions of existing, emerging and disappearing borders and barriers reconfiguring the many polities along the North Sea. While offering a transregional perspective, it also situates these developments in their wider European and global contexts.