Making U.S. Foreign Policy

History 24.001

Spring 2018
180 Barrows
Day & Time: 
M 2-3
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  • This course does not count for credit toward the History Major but may fulfill other requirements.
  • What is foreign policy, who makes it, and to what avail? This freshman seminar, “Making U.S. Foreign Policy,” will introduce students to the study of U.S. foreign policy. The course will assess the institutional and bureaucratic dimensions of foreign policy, beginning with the Constitution and the organization of the American government for the conduct and implementation of foreign policy. Readings will consider the evolving international context for foreign policy, the utility of strategy, and the particular challenges the United States faces as the world’s dominant superpower. The course will offer an introduction to academic disciplines and methods for studying foreign policy and international relations more broadly. Students will also explore and engage campus resources, including visiting speakers from the professional foreign policy community.