Endangered Children and Youth in Africa: Documentaries

History 24.002

Spring 2018
3205 Dwinelle
Day & Time: 
Tu 10-12
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  • This course does not count for credit toward the History Major but may fulfill other requirements.
  • Scheduled to meet for the first half of the semester only, this once-a-week two-hour seminar will analyze documentaries that explore and expose the endangerment of children and youth in Africa. Documentaries on child trafficking and enslavement, child brides, child laborers, street children and youth, victims of FGM, child soldiers, HIV/AIDS orphans and urban youth gangs will be viewed in class. The goal of the seminar is to examine the complex local, regional, and at times global factors behind the extensive abuse and endangerment of children and youth in Africa. In order to historicize and contextualize the study, we shall, in addition to the documentaries, refer to a limited number of published articles.