Introduction to Science, Technology, and Society

History C182C

Fall 2018
145 Dwinelle
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Mon/Wed/Fri 1–2pm
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"In Fall 2018, this course explores how data science is entangled with diverse human contexts (histories, institutions, and material bases) and ethics (domains of value-laden choice). We will bring historically-grounded perspectives as well as frameworks and methods from Science, Technology, and Society (STS) (such as cross-national comparison, co-production, and controversy studies) to bear on topics that include: Doing ethical data science amid shifting definitions of human subjects, consent, and privacy; the changing relationship between data, democracy, and law; the role of data analytics in how corporations and governments provide public goods such as health and security to citizens; sensors, machine learning and artificial intelligence and changing landscapes of labor, industry, and city life; and the implications of data for how publics and varied scientific disciplines know the world.

Note: This class has been proposed to meet the Human Contexts and Ethics requirement of the proposed Data Science major.