Postwar Japan - Session A

History N119A

Summer 2015
First 6 Week Session
Day & Time: 
MTuW 930-12P

This course considers the history of Japan since Hiroshima--since the atomic bombings and Soviet declaration of war brought "retribution" and cataclysmic defeat to the Japanese empire in 1945. We start with an exploration of the war itself and its complex legacies to the postwar era. Guided by the best recent scholarship and a selection of translated novels, essays, and poetry along with film and art, we then look at the occupation era and the six postwar decades that followed, examining the transformations of Japanese life that those years have brought. We try, finally, to answer the question: has "postwar" itself come to an end? And if it has, how should we characterize the current era?

Course Books

Postwar Japan as History by Gordon, Andrew (ed.) UC Press. ISBN: 13:978-0520074750 Required
Japan's Postwar History by Allinson, Gary Cornell UP. ISBN: 13:978-0801489129 Required