Old and New Europe, 1914 to the Present: The Changing European Order in the 20th Century

History 158C

Fall 2016
20 Barrows
Day & Time: 
MWF 10-11A
The course details the major international configurations in Europe and the deep transformations of the European order over the long 20th century, ranging from the floating Bismarck order preceding World War I until the new European Union following the end of the Cold War. We will scrutinize the failed Versailles order, the devastation and destabilization of Europe in the Great Depression, and the Nazi New Order for Europe. Also, the course will focus on Europe under the Marshall Plan, on European Integration around West Germany, and on the Post-Cold War Grand European Union. We will review the role of major leaders and the strategies they developed with their services to stabilize and organize a turbulent continent around their views: Otto von Bismarck, Woodrow Wilson, Aristide Briand, Gustav Streseman, but also Adolf Hitler. They include as well Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Konrad Adenauer, Walter Hallstein, Valery Giscard d’Estaing, Helmut Kohl, Margaret Thatcher, and François Mitterrand. All this we will explore through the most influential, as well as the most recent books and articles of the most qualified historians.