Historiography of Latin America

History 275E.001

Fall 2006
2231 Dwinelle
Day & Time: 
W 10-12

This graduate readings course is meant as a foundation for further reading, study, and critical reflection about Latin America during the colonial period. The purposes are to reckon with some of Latin America's past through recent books and articles, and to establish how colonial history has been, and might be, written.

We are interested in the state of play in this field of study-the ";hot"; and ";cold"; topics, issues and debates, then and now. Are there perennial topics and issues? Topics and issues that have been superseded (resolved or simply left behind?), sidestepped, and ignored? Have concepts-ways of asking questions-changed? What sorts of knowledge have been produced? How have academic disciplines other than History contributed to this field of study? We are also interested in imagining the possibilities for more synoptic reckonings of colonial history.

Survey exposure to colonial Latin America assumed.