Comparative Environmental History

History 280U.001

Spring 2007
2231 Dwinelle
Day & Time: 
Tu 12-2

This is a readings seminar designed to introduce students to current problems and methods in environmental history. For quite some time, environmental history meant primarily the study of environmentalism and conservation in the United States. More recent work has expanded the field to include questions about colonialism, built landscape, and other topics that seem quite distant to matters of parks and game preserves. And although the bulk of the historiography remains concentrated in North America, so we will select some of the best new (and old) works from Europe and Asia to provide some comparative context and to sample the increasingly ";global"; aims of new projects. I don't expect any prior training in environmental history, but for those who did not take a related undergraduate course, I recommend skimming through one of the sourcebooks before our first meeting. Each student will give one oral presentation (based on one or more readings from the recommended list) and write three brief papers. There will be no outside reading, but I have kept the recommended list highly selective in hopes that you will have the opportunity to at least lay your hands on many of these titles.