Research Seminar in Latin American History

History 285E.001

Spring 2011
Day & Time: 
F 1000 A 1200 P

This is a research seminar: over the course of a semester, each of you will be working on an article-length piece of original research in Latin American history, based on a significant collection of primary sources.

This course will be rewarding if you make a strong, early, and steady effort in bringing together sources, posing questions, and starting writing. Delays, blockages, and diversions are sure to come, but the way to overcome them is to start promptly and work steadily. It is essential to gather an adequate body of sources to work with, and this needs to happen at the outset of your project. Therefore, the first month is often the most important time in this course.

You will be working on your own for much of this semester, but keeping in close contact with me, and also with others in the workshop. It is essential that you keep me posted on your progress; I expect to have an email update from you every week (at least two paragraphs), and I expect to meet with you in office hours every other week, if not more often. A sign up sheet for times will be posted.

We will not meet often as a group, and when we do meet, it will be in a workshop format, to discuss and critique each otherâ€_Äôs drafts. You will be graded on your own research and writing, and also on your participation in these workshop sessions.