Experience and Narrative in Modern Japanese History

History 275F.001

Spring 2013
Day & Time: 
M 10-12P

This seminar will explore the “autobiography of Japanese society” in modern times: its documented experience or testimony of itself.  Readings will be drawn from literature, journalism and ethnography, complemented by key scholarly works and organized around a number of interlocking spheres: family/locality, self, city and country, state, and empire.  The period covered is roughly the seven decades from the Sino-Japanese War through to the early post-WWII era.  The writers to be read include Natsume Sōseki, Higuchi Ichiyō, Yokoyama Gennosuke, Nagatsuka Takashi, Ishikawa Tatsuzō, Yokomitsu Riichi, and Miyamoto Tsuneichi; the scholars include Ann Waswo, Maruyama Masao, Miriam Silverberg, Mark Driscoll, Sheldon Garon, Nimura Kazuo, and yours truly.

Students interested in enrolling are asked to contact Andrew Barshay (abars@berkeley.edu) prior to the beginning of the spring semester.

Course Books

In the Beginning, Woman was the Sun by Hiratsuka, Raicho Columbia UP. ISBN: 13: 9780231138130 Required
The Ashio Riot by Nimura, Kazuo Duke UP. ISBN: 13: 9780822320180 Required
Soldiers Alive by Ishikawa, Tatsuzo Univ. of Hawaii. ISBN: 13: 9780824827540 Required
The Forgotten Japanese by Miyamoto, Tsuneichi Stone Bridge. ISBN: 13: 9781933330808 Required
Absolute Erotic, Absolute Grotesque by Driscoll, Mark Duke UP. ISBN: 13: 9780822347613 Required
Shanghai by Yokomitsu, Riichi Center for Japanese Studies, Univ. of Michigan. ISBN: 13: 9781929280018 Required
Inside My Glass Doors by Natsume, Soseki Tuttle. ISBN: 13: 9780804833127 Required
The Heredity of Taste by Natsume, Soseki Tuttle. ISBN: 13: 9780804836029 Required
Sanshiro by Natsume, Soseki Penguin. ISBN: 13: 9780140455625 Required
Molding Japanese Minds by Garon, Sheldon Princeton UP. ISBN: 13: 978069100913 Required
Erotic Grotesque Nonsense by Silverberg, Miriam UC Press. ISBN: 13: 9780520260085 Required
The Soil by Nagatsuka, Takashi UC Press. ISBN: 13: 9780520083721 Required
Modern Japanese Society, 1868-1994 by Waswo, Ann Oxford UP. ISBN: 13: 9780192892287 Required