Early Modern Eastern and East Central Europe

History 280B/285B.006

Spring 2013
Day & Time: 
Tu 12-2P

280B.006 CCN: 39825

285B.006 CCN: 39930

 The course will examine topics in the history of early modern Eastern and East Central Europe.  The main geographic areas of interest will be the Royal Prussian cities in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Austria, Hungary, and the Czech Lands in the Holy Roman Empire, and Muscovy.  The topics will include:  confessional and national identities, ecumenism, white magic and Rosicrucianism, Jews, Frankists, and Poles, early modern cartography, the Muscovite judicial system, and cities.  We will all read seven books on these topics, meeting every other week throughout the semester to discuss them.  Participants will be responsible for discussion and a 2- or 3-page response to the readings each week.

Those signed up for History 280 will choose—from a longer list provided by the instructor (or, in consultation with the instructor, they may choose some titles not on the list)—another four books to read and for which they are to submit 2- or 3-page reports Those signed up for History 285 will, instead, produce a final research paper on a topic chosen in consultation with the instructor.  Those signed up for Slavic 280 may choose either format.  All students are expected to make regular progress reports during at office hours during the semester.

This course is crosslisted with Slavic 280.001.