Writing History in Modern Japan

History 280G/285F

Fall 2013
Day & Time: 
W 12-2P

Note: initially listed as 280F/285F

280G.001 CCN 39813
285F.002 CCN: 39861

This course will be concerned with the writing of history in Japan, and (mainly) of Japan, from the late Tokugawa era onward.  Readings will be chiefly in Japanese.  They will consist of essays or extracts from longer works that have played a role in setting the course of Japanese historiography in their own time and since, supplemented by important secondary materials.  

Students taking the course as a 280G will be expected to read and discuss the assigned works on a weekly basis throughout the term, and will be asked to prepare short annotated translations of selected materials.  For their final papers, 280G students may write an essay comparing different styles of Japanese historiography or prepare a full, annotated translation of one of the course readings. 

Students taking the course as a 285 will be expected to participate fully in the opening weeks of common reading and discussion before embarking on their individual research projects.  Thereafter, they will be asked to report to the larger group on their progress and share drafts as they write.

Interested students are asked to contact Andrew Barshay (abars@berkeley.edu) prior to the beginning of the fall term.