Research Workshop with an Emphasis on Institutions of Culture and Structures of Cultural Exchange

History 285U.001

Spring 2013
Day & Time: 
W 10-12

This is a workshop course on cultural history. All are welcome. But I invite especially projects that examine the institutional infrastructure for the making, transformation, and exchange of knowledge,  art, technology, or ethical norms: printing and publishing; education; translation; travel; museums and concert halls; law and intellectual property, for example. I offer step-by- step guidance through the process of identifying, researching, and presenting the fruits of a manageable research project.  In the first few weeks we will concentrate on basic structural and esthetic choices: a first paragraph, a last paragraph, deciding on an audience and on a narrative voice. Later, the seminar will constitute itself as an editorial collective that will read rough drafts and suggest revisions aimed at making the paper acceptable to our imaginary “journal.” The aim is to have a draft of a publishable paper for a real journal by May. For those topics on which I can offer no expertise we will rely, as I have in the past in my 285s, on the expertise of colleagues in this and other departments.  Small grants-in-aid for research material will be available as needed.