Modern Jewish Scholarship: History and Practice

History 280B/285B.004

Spring 2014
Day & Time: 
M 10-12P
280B.004 CCN: 39792
285B.004 CCN: 39897
This seminar will offer an in-depth introduction to some of the central trends and personalities in modern Jewish historiography. We begin by reading (and reading about) the founders of modern Jewish historiography.  The enterprise of critical Jewish historical scholarship has often been criticized for its atomizing effect on traditional Jewish memory.  And yet, despite the absorption of modern historicist currents, Jewish historians have often attempted to construct overarching and holistic accounts of the Jewish past.  As such, we will examine the various and competing historiographical visions of major Jewish historians.  We will then examine a number of important themes as they pertain to the modern Jewish experience. Among them are: modes of history writing, emancipation, gender, new historiography, Holocaust and Zionism.