Global History through the Age of Revolutions

History 280U

Fall 2014
228 Dwinelle
Day & Time: 
W 4-6P
  • Note new room.
  • Co-taught by Professors Brian DeLay and Daniel Sargent, History 280X is the first in a two-part series of graduate reading seminars in modern global history. (Part two, Global History Since the Age of Revolutions, will be taught in Spring 2015). This course will be of use to students writing on transnational or international topics, and, more generally, to anyone interested in learning to frame their own work in broader contexts. Graduate students from across the regional fields are welcome. Central themes will include the early history of globalization and the origins of the modern world economy; the rise of the European state and of the states system; European expansion and relations with the wider world; non-state polities and early modern borderlands; global population movements; and the transformation of the Atlantic world with the age of revolutions. Students will be expected to read 2 substantive books per week. Requirements include weekly book summaries, to be shared among participants in the course, a wikipedia entry, and a historiographical paper of approximately 15-20 pages.