Digital Approaches to History

History 285U

Fall 2014
204 Dwinelle
Day & Time: 
F 10-12P

Digital Approaches to History. This seminar will explore digital approaches to history, with an emphasis on application. Rather than learning how to use technologies, we will focus on how technologies can help historians resolve specific historical questions. There will be no assigned weekly readings. However, each week, one or two students will present to the seminar's participants a book (or set of articles) that makes interesting use of digital tools to resolve a historical problem; we will then discuss together the possible portability of the tools to other fields and other questions. Over the course of the semester, each student will be responsible for one or two presentations, as well as a substantial seminar paper. Because this seminar requires participants from a number of different fields in order to be useful, the seminar may be cancelled if there is insufficient enrollment as of mid July.