Worlds After Wars

History 285U.001

Spring 2014
201 Giannini
Day & Time: 
W 2-4P
This research seminar has two aims, one technical and aesthetic, the other having to do with a set of particular historical issues.  First we hope to help students advance their skills in the craft of writing history. We will look carefully at such matters as posing an intellectually exigent question, writing a first paragraph, structuring an argument, and positioning ones own work in relation to that of other writers. We will propose some exemplary solutions to these tasks and ask you to provide some of your own.  As the semester progresses we will ask you to write a fragestellung, a first paragraph, an annotated bibliography, etc. 
Our second aim is to explore the history of the aftermath of war. The Great two World Wars will be of especial interest but we welcome students from any period or area. Topics might include: revanchism and irredentism; narrating and remembering the war in intimate and public contexts; counting the civilian and military dead; remaking the built and natural landscape; occupations; trials; reparations; population movements; demobilization; gender in post war societies. These are of course only suggestions and cues.