Japanese Studies: Past, Present and....Future?

History C231

Spring 2014
102 Latimer
Day & Time: 
Thursday 2-3P

This course will have both pedagogical and practical goals.  Its chief purpose is to acquaint graduate students at every level and across various disciplines with the history and current state of the field of Japanese studies.   In addition to the faculty coordinator, three or four faculty members from different departments will make presentations on their respective fields, incorporating a selection of key works for joint reading along with discussion of their own research and related issues of methodology.  On the more practical side, in cooperation with the East Asian Library staff, proseminar presenters will introduce resources available on campus for graduate level research, and devote substantial attention to the “how-to” of making research contacts and navigating archives and other facilities in Japan.   In this way, the proseminar will leave graduate students with an enhanced understanding of the field they have chosen and prepare them for the challenges of fieldwork, which remains – digitalization notwithstanding – the core experience of our field.


Course Requirements: in addition to weekly reading and participation in discussion, students will be asked to prepare a draft proposal of no more than 15 pp. for their own future research.


Ths is a new two unit proseminar.