Ancient Boiotia: History, Epigraphy, and Culture

History 280A

Spring 2015
Nikolaos Papazarkadas
308C Doe Library
Day & Time: 
F 1-4P

Crosslisted with AHMA 210.

Boiotia in central Greece played a prominent role throughout antiquity in the political and cultural developments of the Greek world. It was always a complex and in many ways atypical region, and its inhabitants were the objects of derision on the part of their Athenian neighbors. It is perhaps for these two very different reasons that study of the region has tended to remain in the hands of specialists. But a rich and rapidly growing body of archaeological, textual, and epigraphic evidence is available to support research on the area and its many communities and sanctuaries. This seminar will introduce students to the history and material culture of the region and delve deeply enough into the primary and secondary sources to allow students to write a research paper by the end of the semester. We hope to bring a number of visitors to present on areas of individual research and expertise, with the result that the seminar will offer a truly interdisciplinary approach to the study of a core region of the ancient Greek world.

Students will be expected to write a brief (1p.) response paper each week; to write one book review; and to formulate a research project that will be the basis of both an oral presentation toward the end of the semester and a fully elaborated research paper, which will be reviewed in both draft and final form. We will emphasize scholarly process as much as outcome.