Recent Works on Modern Mexico in Historiographical Perspective

History 280E.001

Spring 2015
Day & Time: 
W 2-4P
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  • The common reading in this course consists of recently-published books or articles that are either very good, representing current approaches to historical analysis of the period from independence to the 1970s, or newly-published books the professor would like to read (in the hopes that they, too, are good books).  Each week there will be supplementary reading that will represent the some of the “historiographical background” to the week’s common reading.  “Historiography” means in part the classic works by Mexican and U.S. scholars from the nineteenth century through the 1950s.  “Historiography” will also be taken to mean books published in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s that more recently-published books build on or revise.  The professor will ordinarily pontificate for 20 minutes or so at the beginning of each class on the general historiographical context into which the week’s readings fit.  The course is thus ideally suited to preparing an orals field in modern Mexico.  Students will write two 7-10 page review essays, based on the readings for one week plus 3-4 extra books from the supplemental reading.  They will also lead the discussion that week.