Teaching History

History 375

Fall 2015
Day & Time: 
M 2-4P

History 300 is a brief introduction to the art of teaching, required of first-time GSIs in the Department of History.  It is open to graduate students from other departments with permission of the instructor.  As it is a 2-unit course, weekly assignments will be modest.  Your most important tasks in this course are therefore: 1. To participate vigorously in our discussions; and 2. To share your own experiences in the classroom during the semester so that we can learn from one another. You will also submit short writing assignments, most notably a syllabus on a topic you are likely to teach in the future. Ideally, this syllabus and the related assignments will become part of your permanent teaching portfolio, and may even serve as the basis for a course that you will propose to teach in this department in the future. Most readings will come from GSI Teaching & Resource Center’s Teaching Guide for GSIs: http://gsi.berkeley.edu/teachingguide/tghome.html. A few other reading assignments available on the Resources page of our bCourses web site, and you will occasionally be asked to upload documents to bCourses for your peers to read. Attendance and participation will be worth 50 % of the total grade. The syllabus will be worth 40% and the other assignments will be worth 10%.