Twentieth Century Europe

History 275B

Spring 2016
Day & Time: 
M 200-400
  • Note new room.
  • This course aims to stimulate conversation on a series of provocative questions relating to the history of modern Europe, a continent alternately coming together and tearing itself apart, reminiscent of the old oscillating universe theory. Remarkable is the persistence of the national question and its power to overwhelm every agenda – including that of social welfare – until its demands seem satisfied. Course readings touch upon following issues:

    Total War and its causes
    Revolutionary era: socialism and national self-determination
    Enemies of democracy and their programs
    Leninist and fascist "civilizations"
    Submersion of the world wars in European collective memory
    Collaboration: "Victims" as collaborators.
    Collaborators as "democrats"
    Intellectuals and the Cold War: totalitarian temptation?
    The dialectics of German unity in a divided Europe
    Revolutionary era: 1989 and the era of "democratization"
    Europe unified and divided: the Bosnian crisis

    Throughout the emphasis is on readability and new questions, rather than on panoramic view or systematic geographic and thematic coverage. Students write one twenty page paper on a subject of their choice, as well as a number of short reviews, and make one presentation to the class (on a book of their choice).

Course Books

German Atrocities, 1914 by Horne, John Yale University Press;. ISBN: 978-0300107913 Required
Beyond Totalitarianism by Geyer, MIchael Cambridge. ISBN: 9780521723978 Required
Dissolution by Maier, Charles Princeton.. ISBN: 9780691007465 Required
Dark Continent: Europe's Twentieth Century by Mazower, Mark Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group. ISBN: 9780679757047 Required
Sleepwalkers by Clark, C. Harper Collins. ISBN: 9780061146664 Required
Paris 1919 by MacMillan, Margaret Random HOuse. ISBN: 0-375-76052-0 Required
Fascists by Mann, Michael Cambridge. ISBN: 0-521-53855-6 Required
France's New Deal by Nord, Philip Princeton. ISBN: 9780691156118 Required
Fast Cars, Clean Bodies by Ross, Kristin MIT. ISBN: 9780262680912 Required
Germans Into Nazis by Fritzsche, Peter Harvard. ISBN: 9780674350922 Required
Hitler's Thirty Days by Turner, Henry Basic. ISBN: 9780201328004 Required
The Weimar Republic by Peukert, Detlev Farrar. ISBN: 9780809015566 Required
Hitler's Empire by Mazower, Mark Penguin.. ISBN: 9780143116103 Required
Iron Curtain by Applebaum, Anne Knopf Doubleday. ISBN: 9780385515696 Required
Invention of Decolonization by Shepard, Todd Cornell. ISBN: 9780801474545 Required
May '68 by Ross, Kristin Chicago. ISBN: 9780226727998 Required
Uncivil Society by Kotkin, Stephen Random House Publishing Group.. ISBN: 9780812966794 Required