The Song Dynasty

History 275F

Spring 2016
Day & Time: 
W 1000-1200

This seminar will examine recent secondary scholarship (in English) on the Song Dynasty (960-1279). The Cambridge History of China, volume 5, part 2, which came out last spring, includes ten topical chapters that will provide a good starting point for the course. (This volume is, by the way, available for free download to all UC-affiliated individuals.) Students should expect to prepare short weekly written assignments, occasional presentations, and one longer historiographic essay.

Course Books

Emperor Huizong by Ebrey, Patricia Harvard University Press. ISBN: 9780674725256 Required
Harmony and War: Confucian Culture and Chinese Power Politics by Wang, Yuan-kang Columbia University Press. ISBN: 9780231151405 Required
From War to Diplomatic Parity in Eleventh-Century China by Wright, David Curtis Brill. ISBN: 9789004144569 Required
Neo-Confucianism in History by Bol, Peter Harvard University Asia Center. ISBN: 9780674053243 Required
Way and Byway by Hymes, Robert University of California Press. ISBN: 9780520207592 Required
Changing Gods in Medieval China by Hansen, Valerie Princeton University Press. ISBN: 9780691608631 Required
Courtesans, Concubines, and the Cult of Female Fidelity by Bossler, Beverly Harvard University Asia Center. ISBN: 9780674066694 Required
Negotiated Power by Lee, Sukhee Harvard University Asia Center. ISBN: 9780674417144 Required
Powerful Relations by Bossler, Beverly Harvard University Asia Center. ISBN: 9780674695924 Required
Statesmen and Gentlemen by Hymes, Robert Cambridge University Press. ISBN: 9780521306317 Required
Community, Trade, and Networks by Clark, Hugh Cambridge University Press. ISBN: 9780521894470 Required
Country of Streams and Grottoes by Von Glahn, Richard Harvard University Asia Center. ISBN: 9780674175433 Required
Knowledge and Text Production in an Age of Print by Chia, Lucille and Hilde de Weerdt Brill. ISBN: 9789004192287 Required
Competition over Content by De Weert, Hilde Harvard University Asia Center. ISBN: 9780674025882 Required
Cambridge History of China, Vol. 5, Pt. 2 by Chaffee, John W. and Denis Twitchett Cambridge University Press. ISBN: 9780521243308 Required