History of Nationalism in Asia

History 280F.001

Fall 2016
2303 Dwinelle
Day & Time: 
Tu 2-4

This course opens by surveying a range of general theoretical approaches to the history of nationalism put forward by scholars such as Ernest Gellner, Anthony Smith, and Benedict Anderson.  It then examines research monographs on the history of a handful of Asian nationalisms, ranging from Thailand and Vietnam to China and Japan. Some attention will be paid to contrasting "modernist" approaches with both older studies of the topic and newer attempts to take seriously the possibility of pre-nineteenth century ideas or forms of the nation. In addition to examining the origins and development of Asian nationalism, the course will look at the relationship between nationalism and other forms of politicized identity. It will also pay some attention to connections between nationalism, newspapers, and the novel and to the gender dynamics of nationalist movements. Requirements for the course include short weekly written assignments, several in-class presentations, and a final reflection piece.

Course Books

A History of Nationalism in Japan by Doak Brill. ISBN: 978-9004226739 Required
Articulating Citizenship by Culp Harvard EAM. ISBN: 978-0674025875 Required
Producing India by Goswami Chicago. ISBN: 978-0226305097 Required
Korea Between Two Empires by Schmid Columbia. ISBN: 978-0231125390 Required
Love, Passion and Patriotism by Reyes University of washington. ISBN: 978-0295988054 Required
Colonial Bastille by Zinoman University of California Press. ISBN: 978-0520224124 Required
Nationalism and Revolution in Indonesia by Kahin Cornell SEAP. ISBN: 978-0877277347 Required
Cambodge by Edwards Hawaii. ISBN: 978-0824833466 Required
The Lost Territories by Strate Hawaii UP. ISBN: 978-0824838911 Required
Sovereignty and Authenticity by Duara Rowman and Littlefield. ISBN: 978-0742530911 Required
The Nation in History by Smith Brandies. ISBN: 978-1584650409 Required
Nations and Nationalism by Gellner Cornell UP. ISBN: 978-0801475009 Required
Imagined Communities by Anderson Verso. ISBN: 978-1844670864 Required