Capitalism in Modern Japan -- Historical Explorations

History 280F.003

Fall 2016
2303 Dwinelle
Day & Time: 
W 12-2
This seminar will explore the history of capitalism in Japan from a number of different, overlapping perspectives: as a story of purposive national “development” out of something, toward something, and perhaps beyond something; as an episode in an ongoing global process that has included but is more than imperialism; as the “infrastructure” of the time/space of modernity itself.   Readings will range across classic and newer monographic works focused on Japan, literary treatments, and a number of strategic texts chosen to incite comparative discussion.  A list of readings will be available later in the summer.

Course Books

japan's capitalism by tsuru, shigeto cambridge up. ISBN: 978-0521360586 Required
capital as will and imagination by metzler, mark cornell up. ISBN: 978-0801451799 Required
fabricating consumers by gordon, andrew uc press. ISBN: 978-0520267855 Required
capitalism and nationalism in prewar japan by marshall, byron stanford up. ISBN: 978-0804703253 Required
native sources of japanese industrialization by smith, thomas c. uc press. ISBN: 978-0520062931 Required
ordinary economies by fajita, tetsuo uc press. ISBN: 978-0520260582 Required
capitalism and modernity by sayer, derek routledge. ISBN: 978-0415017282 Required
the nature and logic of capitalism by heilbroner, robert norton. ISBN: 978-033955293 Required