What is Cultural History?

History 283

Spring 2016
Day & Time: 
M 200-400

Critics and practitioners speak confidently (if not always approvingly) of recent turns toward and away from cultural history, but it remains unclear what exactly the term designates. Is cultural history a field, a subject matter, a scholarly methodology, a theory about the world, an interpretive stance toward texts and images, a rhetorical posture, a set of aesthetic preferences? Is it comparable to and neatly distinguishable from social history and intellectual history? This reading seminar explores some of the antecedents, foundations, and varieties of what is labeled cultural in contemporary historical scholarship in North America and Western Europe.

Course Books

Sacred Gifts, Profane Pleasures by Norton, Marcy Cornell. ISBN: 978-0801476327 Required
Gramophone, Film, Typewriter by Kittler, Friedrich Stanford. ISBN: 978-0804732338 Required
Colonialism and Culture by Dirks, Nicholas Michigan. ISBN: 978-0472064342 Required
Gender and the Politics of History by Scott, Joan Wallach Columbia. ISBN: 978-0231118576 Required
This Republic of Suffering by Faust, Drew Gilpin Vintage. ISBN: 978-0375703836 Required
Culture of Civil War in Kyoto by Berry, Mary Elizabeth California. ISBN: 978-0520208773 Required
Gay New York by Chauncey, George Basic. ISBN: 978-0465026210 Required
Making of the Modern Body by Gallagher, Catherine California. ISBN: 978-0520059610 Required
Body and Society by Brown, Peter Columbia. ISBN: 978-0231144070 Required
Making of the English Working Class by Thompson, E.P. Vintage. ISBN: 978-0394703220 Required
Worlds Apart by Agnew, Jean-Christophe Cambridge. ISBN: 978-0521379106 Required
Culture and Anarchy by Arnold, Matthew Oxford. ISBN: 978-0199538744 Required
Education of the Senses by Gay, Peter Norton. ISBN: 978-0393319040 Required
Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy by Burckhardt, Jacob Penguin. ISBN: 978-0140445343 Required
Rethinknig Popular Culture by Mukerji, Chandra California. ISBN: 978-0520068933 Required
Republic in Print by Loughran, Trish Columbia. ISBN: 978-0231139090 Required
Cultural Origins of the French Revoution by Chartier, Roger Duke. ISBN: 978-0822309932 Required
Black Culture, Black Consciousness by Levine, Lawrence Oxford. ISBN: 978-0195305685 Required
Nineteenth-Century Visual Culture Reader by Schwartz, Vanessa Routledge. ISBN: 978-0415308663 Required
Boundaries by Sahlins, Peter California. ISBN: 978-0520074156 Required
Jewish Century by Slezkine, Yuri Princeton. ISBN: 978-0691127606 Required
Order of Things by Foucault, Michel vintage. ISBN: 978-0679753353 Required
Culture and Society by Williams, Raymond Columbia. ISBN: 978-0231057011 Required
Democracy in America by Tocqueville, Alexis Penguin. ISBN: 978-0140447606 Required
Beyond the Cultural Turn by Bonnell, Victoria California. ISBN: 978-0520216792 Optional