Introduction to North American Historiography

History 275D.001

Fall 2017
2303 Dwinelle
Day & Time: 
W 9-12pm
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A rapid immersion class, this is the orientation course for entering graduate students intending to study the history of North America, whether as a first or second field, including Global History. Graduate students from all fields are welcome. A reading intensive class, 275D surveys the historiography of most of the key fields of North American History and introduces students to Berkeley’s North Americanist faculty, each of whom will visit the class for a face-to-face discussion of their work and respective subfield/s of research. In preparation, students will read a mix of classic and leading edge texts with a view to orienting themselves in the various historiographies. These include the Atlantic World, the History of Slavery, the History of Capitalism, and Legal, Cultural, African American, Borderlands, Gender and Sexuality, Civil Rights, and International History. As well as reading widely in the North American field, students will have the opportunity to dig more deeply into two subfields or literatures of their choice through their written work and in-class presentations.