Readings in Vietnamese History and Historiography

History 280F.002

Spring 2017
3205 Dwinelle
Day & Time: 
T 12-2
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This course introduces graduate students to the most important works, scholars and debates in the Western-language field of Vietnamese History.  While we will devote most of our attention to the modern era (late 18th century to the present) several sessions on pre-modern history will explore the significance of Confucianism and regionalism in early Vietnam and the development over time of Sino-Vietnamese relations and a distinctive Vietnamese political culture.  Study of the modern era commences with the Tay Son Rebellion, the rise of the Nguyen Dynasty and the challenge posed by French imperialism.  The course pays substantial attention to key historical developments during the era of French rule (1862-1945) including the origins of the colonial state and colonial capitalism and the modernization and globalization of Vietnamese politics, society, culture, religion and gender relations.  Special emphasis will be given to the rise of new political movements such as nationalism, communism and republicanism during the late colonial era (1925-1940). The final section of the course will focus on the massive changes ushered in by WWII, the preliminary dynamics of decolonization, and the history of the the First Indochina War (1945-1954).  We will conclude with a brief consideration of the circumstances and conditions that gave rise to the outbreak of the Second Indochina War (1954-1975).   In addition to specialized monographs and research articles, readings will include some recent textbook accounts of Vietnamese history and some historically important works of literature.