Decolonization and Nationalism in Post 1945 Africa

History 280H/285H.001

Fall 2017
3205 Dwinelle
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Tu 10-12
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For 280H, please use Class Number 14903. For 285H, please use Class Number 14893.

The transfer of power from European colonizers to African leaders was a “tangled and controversial” process. In some colonies it was done in a precipitate manner while in others like Angola, Mozambique, Algeria, Namibia, Kenya and Guinea Bissau, decolonization was preceded by protracted armed struggles. This seminar will focus on the diverse dynamics which shaped the nationalist and decolonization processes. Differences in colonial systems, the nature of African political consciousness and mobilization, the role of the elite, peasantry, gender, ethnicity, race, religion, economic rationalization/ pragmatism, imperial revisionism and international pressure will be discussed in an effort to explain the diversity of trajectories that characterized the end of empire in Africa. A long paper (25-35 pages) and periodic oral presentations will be required. The seminar is also offered as a 285H. This option requires participation in the first six weeks of the seminar. For this group, the balance of the semester will be devoted to the preparation of their research paper whose final draft will be presented to the larger class.