Becoming a Historian?

History 283.001

Fall 2017
3205 Dwinelle
Day & Time: 
Tu 2-5
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This class is not about the methods, theories or histories of the practices of historical research and writing.   It is instead a class about what is happening to the historical profession in the contemporary world, how the job market for historians is changing, and what may be required to secure future employment within and beyond the academy.  My aim is demystify the academy and the historical profession while encouraging deeper thinking about career diversity and development.  The mantra will be that everything you need to succeed in the academic job market will make you more employable beyond the academy.  As the focus of the 375 is on teaching this class will hardly discuss pedagogy.   There will be reading but not much. Most of our time will be spent addressing very practical questions like how you build a CV/Resume, attend conferences, publish reviews and articles, teach in different environments, use social media, write grant proposals, publish blogs and articles, build digital and quantitative skills, and translate the skills of a historian in to prospecting for work beyond the academy.  Some weeks there will be small assignments to produce that will then be workshopped in class.  There will be no end of semester paper.  We will be occasionally joined by panels of ABDs, Lecturers, and Alumni within and beyond the academy.  It is an experimental class and I need your help in developing it.   Everything that is good in it came from Erica Lee, Paulina Hartono, Natalie Mendoza, Sarah Stoller, Brendan Mackie, the rest is mine.