Early Modern Worlds

History 280C

Spring 2018
Dwinelle 3104
Day & Time: 
Wed 3-5pm
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Strikingly many in number and research interests, early modernists in our department also range across much of the globe: Latin and North America, East and South Asia, and the better part of Europe. Our colleagues in neighboring departments in the Bay amplify this wealth. Anchored by Berry (Tokugawa Japan) and Peterson (Colonial North America), this seminar will draw widely on local expertise to explore some of the great comparative topics in early modern history — including, for example, urbanization and commerce; industrious revolutions and moral economies; climate change and society; law and international relations; transformations in warfare; consumption and material cultures; print and publishing; the family and demographic transitions; religious upheaval. The research interests of student participants will help drive the syllabus. Two short and one longer writing assignments. Auditors who attend regularly are welcome.