Tomb Manuscripts, Sites, and Artifacts in early China

History 280F

Fall 2018
2231 Dwinelle
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Wed 2–5pm
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This course is part 1 of a two-part course, with the second half to be taught by Mark Csikszentmihalyi (EALC) in the spring of 2019.  Every three weeks this course will examine an important tomb site whose manuscripts, layout, and other tomb contents have provided important evidence for the reconstruction of life in early China.  In the fall semester, the tombs whose site and contents will be reviewed will including Liye (Hunan), Zhangjiashan, the tombs of Zhang Anshi (Shaanxi, in Xi'an) and Haihun hou (Jiangsi), Fuyang (Anhui), and Zhangjiashan (Hubei, near modern Jingzhou).  Students will have the opportunity to explore how an object's medium affects its reception, also to compare received texts to those that have been scientifically excavated.