Africa From The Eighteenth to The Twentieth Century

History 280H/285H

Spring 2018
122 Wheeler
Day & Time: 
Tu 2-4

This seminar investigates major themes and historiographic debates of African history from about 1700 to the end of the twentieth century. It begins with an exploration of the making and transformation of 18th century communities. Some of the topics in this section include slave trade and slavery; processes of precolonial political formation and administration; social-cultural organization, production, commerce and accumulation. Topics on the colonial encounter and its aftermath will include a re-evaluation of colonial systems of administration; reflections on African intermediaries; colonialism and multiracial subjectivities; idioms of health, disease and colonial medicine; gender, education and notions of respectability; land, migrant labor and colonial economies; ethnicity, religion and the makings of genocide; nation states, civil wars and democratic shifts. A long paper (25-35 pages) and periodic oral presentations will be required. The seminar is also offered as a 285H. This option requires participation in the first six weeks of the seminar. For this group, the balance of the semester will be devoted to the preparation of their research paper.

  • 280H: Class #25030 
  • 285H: Class #41217