Politics, Culture and the City at the Dawn of the Modern World

History 280U/285U

Spring 2018
3104 Dwinelle
Day & Time: 
Th 12-2

What is the relationship between the built environment of the city, the cultures of its inhabitants, and the practices of their politics? How did cities around the world become the crucible in which modern political regimes were forged? This course examines these questions through the study of the politics and cultures of the early modern city. It has two related objectives. We will study the ways in which historians have narrated the history of early modern cities; in this way, we will seek to understand differing paths to the modern world through the city as both spatial and conceptual entity. As part of this inquiry we will read a wide variety of historical studies of early modern cities around the globe, paying close attention to themes of both comparison and connection. This course will require regular weekly responses from all participants and culminate in a twenty-page final research paper on either a city or a theme of particular interest.

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  • 285U: Class #32944