Historical Method and Theory

History 283

Fall 2018
3205 Dwinelle
Day & Time: 
Fri 12–3pm
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This course, now required of first-semester graduate students in History (who will be given priority in enrolling), is a survey of the craft, both in its premodern and contemporary iterations. The first half focuses on canonical works of historical writing in the Western and non-Western traditions, while the second half treats a sampling of themes and topics in the modern and premodern worlds as a way of introducing a range of approaches and methods practiced at Berkeley and beyond, introducing students to the varieties of historical writing and building a shared vocabulary (about class, race, and gender for example; about borders and frontiers; about the scale of history; and about archives). Requirements include all weekly reading to be done before each class (including the first one); regular short writing assignments posted on bCourses (reading prompts and responses); and a term paper (~30 pp.) on a historiographical topic (approved in advance by the instructor).